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 Modeling Guidelines

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Modeling Guidelines

Please refer to the Modeling Guide if you are new to hosting competitions. Note that the guide needs to be updated (and transferred), so some questions you may have are not answered. Feel free to post those questions in the forum or on the thread.
Little Code Index: Comps – Short for competitions
[All] – All games  
[S2] – Sims 2  
[S3] – Sims 3  
[S4] – Sims 4

• Follow the Forum Rules. I provided an “explanatory” section that gives examples and more details on where the limits are for everything.

• Only modeling competitions and threads are allowed here. For CAS and other sim competitions and threads, please refer to the Sims Showcase section.

• If you are posting your competition on the EA forum as well, make sure to tell the models over there that you are hosting on Simmetry Design as well and to link them here (with your thread link of course). We want to encourage people to come here. Wink

• When creating a new competition, please use the description box (or alternatively, your title) to immediately display what type of games you accept. Either display it as [All] or “All games accepted!” (depending on if you want room for a description or not) or [S2, S3] or “Accepting S2 and S3!”, etc. This way people can know their options through just a glance. (Please don’t forget that S2 is still an option for modeling.) Until we can find coding options to enable this in the titles, we are stuck with manually typing it.

• As common courtesy, please avoid posting multiple life based competitions. For instance, posting another Project Runway or Next Top Model competition while another Project Runway or Next Top Model is still going. Please wait for the current one to end, give a few weeks, then start yours (try to make it unique to set it apart). Also, this means that no one should be claiming another person stole their Next Top Model, etc. competition (unless the comp is somehow 90% different from the show)! Original comps, however, are owned by the creator.

• Before starting a new comp, make sure there aren’t too many comps going on at the same time. It could mean slow numbers and/or inactivity for your late starting comp.

• If you find a tutorial somewhere on the internet, however tiny or old it is, feel free to post it. Even tutorials not based on sim editing are fully capable of helping individuals. Artists drawing hair from scratch are great examples of alternative tutorials.

• Feel free to post any and all questions related to editing in the Tutorial section. Even if it seems really silly to the advanced editors. We’re here to help! Make sure to try the search function first though to make sure it is not a repeat question.
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Modeling Guidelines
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