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 My Builds/Interior Designs

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Lumi Nati

Lumi Nati

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My Builds/Interior Designs Empty
PostSubject: My Builds/Interior Designs   My Builds/Interior Designs Empty7/5/2016, 10:30 pm

One of many I'm sure lol!

Decidely UnCookie Cutter'd

For the world I am using it in, it is a Cookie Cutter home, but for download, not so much. I did remove the CC Paintings I created as well as the address numbers which can be found on my blog: and look for LE Style CC. There are two patterns by me, a river rock stone pattern and a marble stone as well. If they don't transfer over they are in my studio.

The address numbers is the one at the front here.  I have a couple of different styles that are through my blog if anyone wants it.  Also I apologize in advance that the walls are down. I'm in Edit Town while I fill up Storybrook, but still gives a nice idea.

My Builds/Interior Designs 28117724045_cb98a1d900_c

There are also two entrances to this home as well (which has nothing to do with the next pic lol) so it's great as a corner lot home.

My Builds/Interior Designs 28083607536_5ff35cf03b_c

My Builds/Interior Designs 28117723995_35aae25472_c

My Builds/Interior Designs 28040116981_dfdd577015_c

My Builds/Interior Designs 28015146422_3defc538c1_c

My Builds/Interior Designs 27503128274_a2434dd617_c

My Builds/Interior Designs 28083606396_6a1d7fc1f3_c

My Builds/Interior Designs 28083606046_88d5293c7f_c

My Builds/Interior Designs 28085158571_72541c5a62_c
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My Builds/Interior Designs
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