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 Tooty's Sims!

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PostSubject: Tooty's Sims!   Tooty's Sims! Empty5/5/2016, 12:47 am

I apologize in advance for how much of a huge wrestling nerd this first post will make me seem.

I re-created some wonderful lady wrestlers in The Sims 3 - The Four Horsewomen of NXT. It's a part of some crazy thing I'm doing purely for my own amusement - trying my hand at making all of my favorite wrestlers (and some I just feel like trying to make). I'm not super happy with Bayley, but I really like how the others turned out!

First, Sasha Banks:
Tooty's Sims! E1bfa223-24c5-4797-9c2c-21ea629aa25f_zpstughqvpj

Tooty's Sims! 55c01d7f-2e0a-4ce7-8ecd-e6b97c80066c_zpscu8m8x0z

Charlotte Flair:
Tooty's Sims! Cc474409-5a47-42ed-90a8-4e96f58cf9da_zpsmxlnbzd5

Tooty's Sims! 0179dc47-2692-47a5-b239-b96fb3769903_zpska736nwy

Becky Lynch:
Tooty's Sims! 279e5139-1c5e-41dd-8d96-9335468338f6_zpsulbow3t3

Tooty's Sims! 1a311ba4-016a-4959-9b66-778d13155c10_zpsjipwnrwt

And last, but not least - Bayley:
Tooty's Sims! C5613c53-8f96-4343-82f0-f450da496919_zpsec7ifzjb

I got a group pic of them as well Smile
Tooty's Sims! Screenshot-522_zpsfnxfioac
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PostSubject: Re: Tooty's Sims!   Tooty's Sims! Empty5/5/2016, 9:12 am

Nice! My kids love wrestling right now, so they would much appreciate the effort! I love Charlotte!

Tooty's Sims! Tumblr_messaging_oamzcqx6FT1tjasm0_1280
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Tooty's Sims!
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