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 Want Sims 3 to Use More RAM? YOU CAN!

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PostSubject: Want Sims 3 to Use More RAM? YOU CAN!   4/20/2016, 1:14 am

Hi there!  I'm here with another useful tutorial that will hopefully help your game run a lot smoother.

Think of RAM as your computer's short term memory while doing tasks like Photoshopping, playing games, writing, internet.... 

And that would make your HDD/SSD (whichever you have) your LONG-term memory!  

Your disk drive saves your games, but your RAM remembers what's going on during this session.  RAM gets dumped when you shut down or restart your computer.

Anyway TS3 defaults at using 2 gigs of RAM.  That is not a lot my friends!  But it maxes out at using 8 gigs of RAM if I'm not mistaken.

The rule of thumb is you don't want to make TS3 use more than HALF of your computer's RAM.  My computer has 16 gigs, so I set it to 8.  If you have 8 gigs, you can set it to 4.  If you only have 4 or 2 gigs jeez go get yourself some RAM sticks, but you're outta luck cause you can't use more than you have!

Anyway!  Pictures!

Easy as that!  Of course, go up to FILE and SAVE YOUR CHANGE.  You can just hit regular old Save.  No biggie, and it'll make the game from Hell well, less from Hell hopefully!
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Want Sims 3 to Use More RAM? YOU CAN!
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