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 CC Gallery Guidelines

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CC Gallery Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: CC Gallery Guidelines   CC Gallery Guidelines Empty3/27/2016, 10:21 am

CC Gallery Guidelines

• Follow the forum rules.

• For the Tutorials section, since most meshing and recoloring is done the same way, we are keeping the tutorial section as an all in one. For uploading and downloading into a game, converting, and game specific issues, make sure to mark the thread with the appropriate game. If uploading a mass tutorial that only gets game specific towards the end, mention so in the thread description.

• Remember that any meshing tutorial for any game (including Skyrim, IMVU, Second Life, etc.) can usually be used for the Sims (with a few changes). In other words, feel free to post tutorials from those games if they show the meshing process.

• Don’t spam bump your CC gallery thread (meaning a post per minute from you), and only post 1 CC gallery thread per creator. Group projects count as separate thread.
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CC Gallery Guidelines
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