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 Welcome Checklist

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PostSubject: Welcome Checklist   3/27/2016, 10:18 am

Welcome to the free forums! Here is a quick list to make sure you know what to do after signing up.
1. I recommend reading our About page to have an understanding of why we made this forum. (Not added yet)

2. Make sure to read the rules!

3. Reading the FAQ will be helpful as well. (Not added yet)

4. Follow us for updates and announcements! (Not added yet)

5. Upload an avatar (avi for short)! If you need help designing an avi make sure to ask for help.  Here is a guide if you are unsure of how:

6. Introduce yourself here!

7. Start posting! We have a Stories and Legacies section, Modeling, Building, Sims Showcase, and even a Custom Content section. Each have their own tutorials and tips section, and the work in each section is amazing, so make sure to check the sections out!
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Welcome Checklist
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