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 Gitte's sims pictures and actually just overall pictures topic.

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PostSubject: Gitte's sims pictures and actually just overall pictures topic.   3/20/2016, 3:02 pm

That means I also post pictures here where in isn't any sim to be seen.

Hello simple editing with picmonkey, only one piece of cc, no pose and simple everyday indoor lightning.
She's called Astryd Norrèl, already Astryd Alfredo because she married Millard Alfredo who's the brother of this guitar playing sweetheart here called Aoife(Pronounce: iefa) Alfredo:

Not edited at all to be honest. I just have good quality  Cool
And she has currently a relationship and two children (With a small pause because Aoife was dead, a mummie cursed her) with this handsome Spanish photographer and tomb explorer Gabriel Martinez:

He survived that, just saying.
During that, he said: "Those who are going to die salute you" (to Aoife, they were just veeeeery good friends then...Aoife started the mechanism so there was suddenly and arrow trap Laughing )

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Gitte's sims pictures and actually just overall pictures topic.
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