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 2/27/16-Technical difficulties & Ages

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2/27/16-Technical difficulties & Ages Empty
PostSubject: 2/27/16-Technical difficulties & Ages   2/27/16-Technical difficulties & Ages Empty2/27/2016, 2:55 pm

Ok. My first announcement! king

Ages- I finally figured out how to turn this feature off. Ages will no longer appear in the footer under avis. I'm sure some old fogies don't mind, but I'm sure it's some older folks like myself that do mind and we also gotta protect the kiddies. So please put your birthdays in without fear. I plan to throw b-day parties for everyone birthdays in the off-topic section if I can. Smile

Forumotion technical issues- Forumotion is running slow today and it won't even load on my phone properly. This is not my doing thank goodness! According to another wonderful site called Simtech, things are just slow on the hosting site end. So don't blame me for that. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon.


 MaggieSims, Meeshelby, Spookshow, Tatortotsims, Vanadis are currently are moderators. I don't know why it's not typed out above their avis. I plan on making badges as soon as we get a banner though. Anyway, I'm not sure if I'm accepting anymore apps at this moment, so anyones request sent to me this morning will be pending.

If you do want to be a moderator sometime in the future as we gain more members, please pm me this app...
For copy and paste:
Admin/Moderator Application
Username and Preferred Name:
Time zone/sleep schedule:
Do you think you're capable of handling situations well?:

P.S. I will making tweaks and adding things as we go. If you have a suggestions, pm me please! We want to make this site the very best for everyone. I love you
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2/27/16-Technical difficulties & Ages
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